Ariel Miller - TGT KS Ambassador - The Graphic Tee

Ariel Miller - TGT KS Ambassador

Hi everyone!!! I’m Ariel and I’m an ambassador for The Graphic Tee. I travel and work for the Midwest region. 

I started at The Graphic Tee in May of this year. Before even walking the stage at my high school graduation I was moved into my new apartment five hours from my hometown and pumped to start a new job with TGT.

In the past two months there have been many trials and tribulations, work related and within simply learning to adult. However, my mom constantly reassures me “it will all work out”.  And that has proven to be true for the past 18 years. With my partner, Kahle, next to me in this big step of life, I feel empowered and ready to take on everything.

(P.s. I have successfully conquered my fear of driving a BIG truck so I can pretty much do nearly anything, right?)

When I’m not at the storefront or traveling I like to fill my time with reading, thriller podcasts, making trips to see mine and kahles family, tending to my plants, and lazily laying by the pool.

My passion for human kind overall is what keeps my fire burning. I have a people driven perspective and always try to see the worth in every person. Wherever my journey leads, my passion for people will be a integral part of that.

Being 18 years old, many of my accomplishments dull in comparison to the people I’m surrounded by. A 

4.0 gpa, scholarships, and excellence in the classroom is something to be ecstatic about! However, much of that never fulfilled me. With The Graphic Tee I’m able to travel and gain experiences all while being surrounded by STRONG and gracious women. AND while getting paid:)!! It can’t get much better than that. And I find that an accomplishment in itself.

Another accomplishment of mine, although my hardest one, is moving away from my mom. It took more guts and strength than I knew I had. Luckily, my step dad, Terry, who is the best father figure and man that I know, is right beside her. It helps knowing she has someone almost as amazing as me with her;)!!!

Thank you TGT for welcoming me to your team. I’m excited for what’s to come. Thanks for reading!!

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