Carie Holloway Southeast TGT Ambassador

Hey, my name is Carie. I am an ambassador for The Graphic Tee.

     I travel and represent the store at shows in the Southeast region and when I am not traveling, I work at our store in my hometown of Leesburg, GA where I graduated high school. 
     Before I became an ambassador of the Graphic Tee, I worked in banking for 26 years. I had an opportunity to learn 4 conversions of computers and change throughout my career. Yes, I was there before computers were even thought of. We used calculators and counted everything by hand. I have also worked other odd end jobs such as Construction screening windows, cable company learning to install alarms, government, and taught a class on how to sell life insurance. 
I became a part of this team by stepping out in Faith, walking in and handing my resume to the hiring manager Teresa. (By the way, I never go out to do an interview or put an application in without  dressing up), but that day something told me to stop in with blue jeans and a T-shirt on. And so here I am wearing blue jeans and a T-shirt. Lol! Gotta love it! Thank you, God! 
     My family is always pulling at my heartstrings...I have 2 beautiful daughters 30 and 28 and a handsome son 14. Both my daughter’s work in the medical field. Brittany is an RN and Haley is an Ultrasonographer. My son Cameron will enter High school this year. He has played football since he was around 6, but has turned his liking to baseball. I hope he sticks with baseball. I have 3 grand babies ages 2 and 1, and 1 on the way this Thursday. I have two great son-in-laws who support my daughters and I am blessed to have them in the family.
I have 3 siblings, my brother Glenn and 2 sisters Stacy and Jessica. I love my Moma, who has supported me spiritually though every trial of my life and My daddy and step-mom for their spiritual insight also. Love them all! 
     Things I love to do are baking, reading, writing ,yard work, drawing, painting and crochet, but if I had to choose one, it would be reading a good book. 
My biggest accomplishment is that I wrote 7 chapters of a book (my first draft) and hope one day it will be published. If not, then that will be fine. I just think life is too short not to try and do the things you love.
     My goal is to enjoy life to the fullest and maybe one day sit in my swing at home in retirement  and say “ I’m glad I did that”. 
A good quote to remember:
 “We are only travelers passing through. Leave something good behind."

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  • To my daughter…I am proud of your have traveled far…you chose the road less traveled…and love your God..he has blessed you so much!! I love you… travel baby girl!more Adventures ahead..turn the page…This is a new chapter…so proud of you!!

    Sandra murkerson

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