Virginia Brooks - TGT Ambassador - The Graphic Tee

Virginia Brooks - TGT Ambassador

Hi there, I’m Virginia!

     I’m an Ambassador for the Newton, Kansas store. Beyond on duties at the store, I get to travel to shows and represent TGT. Mainly I travel to the Midwest and South Regions.
     Before the Graphic Tee I was working at a full time job and also a part job at one point. I liked coming into the store as a customer and shop and now I get to take the product to the shows!
     I started with the Graphic Tee mid October part-time and less than a month later I was asked join the team as a full time ambassador. Since then SO many doors have opened for me both professionally and personally, and for that I’m TRULY BLESSED! Even at less than year as being an Ambassador for TGT, it has been very rewarding! Traveling allows me to meet new people, see different places and bring our vibe to you!
     I am a mom of two boys in their mid 20’s who like to catch a baseball game whether its on tv or going to a game. I can’t forget about volleyball and kickboxing! They are a big part of my life too…definitely a sports person!
     When home you’ll find me outside soaking up the warm sunshine and spending time with the people in my life that make me smile. Photography is another passion of mine, which I have been able to carry over here at The Graphic Tee!
     My greatest strength is to keep pushing and keeping learning both professionally and personally… move out of your comfort zone! In the end it will make you grow to a stronger person.
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