Ashley Dorminey - TGT Ambassador Georgia Team - The Graphic Tee

Ashley Dorminey - TGT Ambassador Georgia Team

Hey Y'all,  I'm Ashley!

I'm a new ambassador for the Leesburg Georgia store.  Beyond duties at the store, I get to travel to shows and represent TGT in the Southeast.
I started at The Graphic Tee at the end of February of this year (2023). Before The Graphic Tee I worked a full time and part time at one point.  Since then so many opportunities have came about for me both personally and professionally, and I'm truly blessed!!
Other than having the opportunity to get to work for an awesome company, I'll be able to meet new people,  see different places and represent TGT.  I'll also get to model, advertise and get people intrigued with the products here at TGT and Khaos Apparel. 
I am a mom of three wonderful children (John Michael,  Angel and Kevin) that I love dearly and I also have a yorky poo (Midnight).  I enjoy spending time with them, riding back roads listening to music, Mudd bogging,  going fishing, sitting around a nice bonfire having a few drinks with friends and family.  And of course I enjoy watching The Georgia Bulldogs play.
Thank you TGT for welcoming me to your team. I'm ready to see what is in store for me.
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