TGT Vibe Points

$10 Reward for Every $100 Spent

What are vibe points?

They are points that you earn whenever you make a purchase. Every dollar that you spend earns you one vibe point. For every 100 that you earn we give you $10 in rewards to spend on your next purchase.

How do I start earning vibe points?

Create an account using your name and email.

Whenever you make a purchase online make sure that you are logged in. Do NOT check out as a guest as that purchase will not go toward earning points.

What ways can I earn points?

Create an account - 25 points

Make a purchase - 1 point/$1 spent

Like us on Facebook - 25 points

Follow us on Instagram - 25 points

Celebrate your Birthday - $10 reward (don't forget to add your birthday to your account)

Refer a friend - $5 reward for you and your friend when they make a purchase

In order to earn points for purchases you must be logged in to your account when checking out. Do not check out as a guest, as this will not add points to your account.

When liking on Facebook, following on Instagram, and/or referring a friend you must do it through the rewards app at the bottom left hand corner of the website.

Where do I find my vibe points balance?

Click on the teal icon in the bottom left corner of the website. If you are not logged in already you must do so to view your points.

How do I redeem my rewards online?

There are a few ways to redeem your vibe rewards.

-Every time you earn a $10 reward we will email you. When you activate that discount a discount code will be generated. You will enter that code in at checkout to get your discount. 

-You can also click on the teal icon at the bottom left corner of the website, log in, click on ways to redeem, click view and move the slider to reflect the amount of points you would like to use and click redeem. That will generate a coupon code to use at checkout.

How do I use my rewards in-store?

Once you have an account created you can earn and redeem points for in-store purchases as well.

If you have activated a reward bring that coupon code in-store and present it to us at checkout. 

If you have not activated the reward we can look up your account in-store and add your discount.

Please keep in mind that if you activated your discount online we cannot pull that up on our end. You will need to have the code to get the discount.