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CJ Schmidt - Retail Manager Kansas

Hello my name is CJ. I'm proud to say I work for TGT. I stay really busy behind the scenes getting online orders and wholesale orders pulled and shipped out. I also help customers in the storefront and keep things tidy. I keep things going as in tagging and rolling tees for storefront and packing for shows and sometimes I get to travel for shows too. I just love everything about my job.

If you know me at all you'll know I love being on the go. I love shopping even when I really don't buy anything. I love to go see scary movies at the theater with my twin sister. When I'm not on the go I like working on diamond art pictures for gifts for the family. Of course I can't forget about my love for dogs or animals in general, especially my rottie Elsa - she's a baby at 5 years old.
My accomplishments: I raised two beautiful daughters with a wonderful husband and got to watch them grow into great successful adults. I am a grandma and even a great grandma. I feel so blessed. 
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