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Jonathan Matthews - TGT Georgia Lead Ambassador

Hi my name is Jonathan. I work as an Ambassador in Leesburg, GA were I work at our store. I also get to travel and do shows in the southeast region such as Vintage Market Days. Honestly, the travelling is my favorite part of the job. Getting to travel has given me the opportunity to meet many new and wonderful people who have become like family.

When i first started I was extremely nervous to start a new career that involved traveling since I was always a homebody who never went anywhere. Before I became a part of the team I was a full time cake decorator and I still like baking when I am home, but getting to experience new things and places is a dream come true for me. I have always wanted to travel and now get paid to do that so - win win!
This job and everyone I work with have been a real blessing in my life. It's not often you can find a career where it's fun to work and everyone is so nice.
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