Lena Edwards - Creative Director - The Graphic Tee

Lena Edwards - Creative Director

Hi! My name is Lena. I am currently the Creative Director for The Graphic Tee. However, I have worn many hats in my eight years with Khaos Apparel.

I first came on in 2014 to help spruce up the storefront for an upcoming ribbon cutting. When I first walked in, I saw rounders with two by fours strung across the top, holding badly written signage and open boxes of random products strewn about. It was in need of some serious help to be ready for any kind of open house! In the process of fixing up the store, I found out that the company I was working for was closing. So, I was offered a position as Business Manager at Khaos Apparel. As the company continued to grow I did purchasing and receiving, and eventually Production Management. 

In 2016, Justin and I started discussing how popular boutique style graphic tees had become. Considering my love of creating and having all the resources at hand it was a no brainer. That's when we decided to start The Graphic Tee. Over the next several months I worked on designing tees, branding, and creating a website. In May of 2017 we launched thegraphictee.com.

In my life outside of Khaos, I enjoy all kinds of home improvement projects, interior design and traveling anywhere warm where I can hear the waves crashing.

More than anything though, I love spending time with my handsome husband of twenty-one years, Carl, my beautiful twelve year old daughter, Iyana, and our crazy dog, Murphy.

Carl and I were high school sweethearts. We met in Spanish class, but fell in love in Art class. After he joined the military we got married and moved to Texas where I worked as a visual merchandiser for JCPenney. That position was so much fun and it allowed me to really bring out my creative side. A couple years later we got stationed in Germany. It was scary to leave the states, but exciting for a new adventure. It turned out to be one of the best experiences! We got to travel to so many countries and delve into different cultures. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

After four and a half years in Germany, we moved back to the states in 2007 and had Iyana a couple years later. She has brought so much joy into our lives! She is shy, but once she gets to know you her spunky personality really shines through.

Over the years of working with Khaos I have also been fortunate enough to work alongside my husband, siblings, nieces and parents. They have all been involved in some way, from helping with shows to working at the store to construction projects. I am blessed to have a close knit and loving family. 

I am so excited to continue to grow with Khaos and see where this journey leads!


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You go girl! Talent runs in our family! Wishing you much continued success! God bless you! 💜

Veronica Camargo

You go girl! Talent runs in our family! Wishing you much continued success! God bless you! 💜

Veronica Camargo

Thank you for sharing a wonderful story. Keep on growing.


Lena, you have done a wonderful job with your store and I always enjoy your booths at shows when I’m able to go. When I visit Kansas, I always make time to come visit your store. You all are such a delight! Proud of you!

Debi Ward

I’m so Proud of you! You are deserving of all these Blessings. You’ve made that Company what it is today! Love you bunches ❣️

Betty Wright

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