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Ocean Waves and Boat Days

You all know we stay busy, but we make some time for play and team building too! Our Georgia team joined us in Panama City Beach for a day of boating and par for the course for this season - we had to deal with a little bit of weather! As usual, the weather didn't stop us from having a great time! 

Our team is our family and it was wonderful spending some time outside of work with them! When you have the best team around - you make sure you take care of them! Enjoy the pics from our day!

We rented a double decker pontoon boat and sailed off into the ocean! The kids had fun, but the adults had an amazing time too! 


Swimming with the starfish!

Snack break during the rain!

Laughing through the rain! It definitely did not spoil our time! 

Just keep it between the navigational beacons! :) (Our map flew out of the boat 1 minute later!)

We all enjoyed our time driving the boat!

The swimming was amazing and look at the treasure we found!

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