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Wine not?

While you don't see a lot of Justin in front of the camera, he is an incredible leader and stays behind the scenes (and on the road) doing whatever it takes to grow the businesses and support the team we love. 

Because of his dedication to the community and team, he was recently honored as one of the 8 finalists in our local Chamber's 4 Under 40 event. We invited our entire team and definitely had the most lively and fun tables! :)  Wine always tastes better at the winery. If you are local to Kansas, you have to check out Grace Hill Winery! Great views and live music every Friday night! 

We were so happy to be there to support him!

Gorgeous decor and scenery!

Celebrating with the best (and most fun) team around!

We had a whole table and a half!

Congratulations Justin!!


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